Weekly harvest report

Each week I like to share my weekly harvest report. Looking at what I have harvested over the last week and how much that would have cost from a shop.


Weekly harvest report

This week we have harvested the following

  • 14 chicken eggs which would have cost us £3.50 from a shop.
  • 250g Jerusalem artichokes which would have cost us £2.50 from a shop.
  • 500g potatoes  which would have cost us 40p from a shop.
  • 150g Oca. I couldn't find a price for these.
  • A selection of salad leaves and herbs as required. We allow £1 for these.

This week's total.

That brings this week's total to £7.40. Another reduction in value of harvested crops this week. Although I still have plenty of food waiting to be harvested and in storage. Next years goal is to have higher yields at this time of year.

It is the first appearance of Jerusalem artichokes and oca this week. The artichokes where accidentally harvest while weeding. The oca I found in the compost bin while emptying that out. I couldn't find a market price for these again. It seems these are not sold in the uk. Although they are a lot of faf to be honest.

What have you harvested this week? Let me know in the comments below or Email me here.

3 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report

  • Those chickens are doing a great job for you. We are down to 6 eggs a week now from our friends, as a lot of theirs are moulting. Our weekly harvest report: volume reduced a bit more, but should be fairly stable now: we harvested £92 worth of veg. We picked: apples, carrots, chard, true spinach, leeks, chicory, broccoli, sprout leaves, brocollini, lots of types of kale, kalettes, potatoes, red beets, golden beets, spring onions, celery, tomatoes, radish, carrots, and loads of lettuce.

  • Another great harvest this week Steve. Interesting that all your harvest value has dropped too. Just shows how much we rely on the seasons.

  • It drops at this time of year partly because we take a rest. Instead of feeding 20 people we drop down to 5 until March.

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