#563 Join Us On An Audio Tour Of Richard’s Allotment

In this episode of the Veg Grower Podcast, host Richard takes listeners on a detailed tour of his allotment, divided into two sections, 1-28A and 1-28B. He discusses the current state of his crops, including broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages, and the challenges posed by pests like slugs and pigeons. Richard also shares his experiences with weed management, crop rotation, and his West Kent five pod hydroponic growing system. He emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance and offers practical gardening tips, aiming to inspire listeners to grow their own food despite the inevitable challenges.

Bullet points
Overview of the allotment layout (sections 1-28A and 1-28B)
Current state of various crops, including broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages
Challenges faced with pests, particularly slugs, snails, and birds
Weed management and maintenance issues in the allotment
Experiences with specific plants, such as gooseberries, parsnips, and leeks
Updates on greenhouse gardening, including tomatoes, sweet peppers, and aubergines
Discussion of the West Kent five pod hydroponic growing system
Importance of crop rotation and planting strategies
Personal anecdotes and reflections on gardening challenges and successes

Time stamps
Introduction to the Allotment Tour (00:00:07)
Richard introduces the episode and plans to take listeners on a tour of his allotment.

Overview of Allotment Layout (00:01:19)
Richard describes the layout of his allotment, divided into two halves, 1-28A and 1-28B.

Challenges with Neighbors (00:02:20)
Richard discusses issues with overgrown weeds from neighboring plots affecting his fruit bushes.

Police Incident on Allotment (00:03:23)
Richard recounts a troubling incident involving hidden kitchen knives found among his plants.

Weeds and Maintenance Issues (00:04:22)
Richard shares concerns about the lack of maintenance from neighbors and its impact on his plot.

Raised Beds and Crop Failures (00:05:24)
Richard talks about his raised beds and the struggles with slugs and snails destroying his crops.

Hugelkultur Bed Update (00:06:29)
Richard explains his hugelkultur bed and the failure of peas and butternut squash due to pests.

Garlic and Squash Bed (00:07:27)
Richard updates on garlic removal and the survival of new squash plants despite pest issues.

Onions and Cucumber Growth (00:08:25)
Richard discusses the growth of his onions and successful cucumber plants in the allotment.

Sweet Corn and Tomato Progress (00:09:25)
Richard shares the slow growth of sweet corn and the status of his tomato plants.

Shed and Compost Area (00:10:21)
Richard mentions his metal shed and composting efforts, including plans for a new bed.

Autumn Raspberry Bed Challenges (00:11:19)
Richard describes the weed issues in his autumn raspberry bed and plans for winter care.

Transition to Bottom Half of Allotment (00:12:24)
Richard prepares to move on to discuss the bottom half of his allotment, 1-28B.

Apple Tree and Asparagus Update (00:14:22)
Richard talks about the apple tree’s growth and the recovery of his asparagus plants.

Rhubarb and Globe Artichokes (00:15:46)
Richard shares updates on his thriving rhubarb plants and the status of globe artichokes.

Plans for Elder Tree and New Planting (00:16:45)
Richard discusses plans to remove an elder tree and potential new plantings along the boundary.

Potato Beds Overview (00:17:40)
Richard describes his potato beds, including challenges with blight and different potato varieties.

Harvesting Potatoes and Brassicas (00:19:51)
Richard updates on the harvesting of potatoes and the introduction of brussels sprout plants.

Broccoli Harvest (00:20:54)
Richard discusses his successful broccoli harvest and the overall performance of brassicas this season.

Turnip Seeds (00:21:59)
He mentions sowing turnip seeds to ensure a winter harvest, despite not being a fan of turnips.

Celeriac Issues (00:22:40)
Richard talks about his celeriac plants bolting and the decision to remove them.

Cauliflower Success (00:23:00)
He shares his achievements with cauliflower, including a recent harvest and future expectations.

Cabbage Challenges (00:23:58)
Richard notes issues with pests eating his cabbages, expressing a preference for nature over the term pests.

Weeding Needs (00:24:30)
He discusses the necessity of weeding in his cabbage and cauliflower beds due to weed growth.

Carrot Setback (00:24:57)
Richard recounts losing his carrot crop to rain and plans to re-sow them.

Parsnip Growth (00:25:30)
He mentions the healthy growth of parsnips, which he prefers to leave in the ground until winter.

Leek Planting (00:26:01)
Richard describes his recent leek planting and the initial challenges they faced.

Gooseberry Management (00:27:00)
He discusses the difficulties of managing thorny gooseberry plants and plans to replace them with thornless varieties.

Fruit Tree Update (00:27:40)
Richard mentions the growth and recent harvest of cherries from his hazel and cherry trees.

Greenhouse Overview (00:28:03)
He provides an update on his greenhouses, focusing on tomato growth and challenges with weeds.

Sweet Peppers and Aubergines (00:28:27)
Richard shares the status of his sweet peppers and aubergines, noting their growth and challenges.

Cucumber Production (00:28:42)
He highlights the prolific cucumber harvest from his wicking beds and plans for future harvesting.

Melon Monitoring (00:29:16)
Richard discusses watching his melon plants closely, noting the absence of fruit despite many flowers.

Hydroponic System Insights (00:33:17)
He shares his experience with a hydroponic system, focusing on growing basil successfully.

Nutrient Addition (00:34:54)
Richard explains the importance of adding nutrients for healthy basil growth in his hydroponic setup.

Future Hydroponic Experiments (00:37:08)
He expresses interest in experimenting with different herbs and vegetables in his hydroponic system.

Listener Reviews (00:39:14)
Richard shares positive listener reviews and encourages more feedback to help the podcast grow

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