Weekly harvest report

Each week I like to share my weekly harvest report. Detailing what I have harvested over the last week and how much that would have cost from a shop.

Weekly harvest report

This week we have harvested the following.

  • 14 chicken eggs Which would have cost £3.50 from a shop.
  • 3.8 kg of sweet potatoes which would have cost £3.80 from a shop.
  • 1.5kg tomatoes which would have cost £2.28 from a shop.
  • 1 large butternut squash weighing 1.3kg which would have cost £1 from a shop.
  • A selection of salad leaves and herbs as required. We allow £1 for these.

This week's total

That being this week's total to £11.58. A pretty low turn out to be honest.

This is going to be the last time you will see tomatoes on this list I'm afraid. Although my tomatoes where still flowing in the greenhouse I decided it was time to remove them. It's a shame to no longer have a tasty crop of tomatoes but the plants will soon have died back anyway.

The sweet potatoes was a surprise. Being such a long dry summer I didn't think they would have performed at all well. I was wrong although with much more water I think they would have performed much better. That being said the value of the sweet potatoes harvested is pretty low certainly a lot less than I paid for the slips. I do enjoy sweet potatoes and growing them is easy. If I water more next year and try to save my own slips it could make them more profitable.

It's also the first appearance on my butternut squash that I have been watching grow for a while. This squash is a great size and will store well into winter although I suspect we will have eaten it before then.

What have you harvested this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

One thought on “Weekly harvest report

  • Looks like a good harvest to me. Sweet potato always seems to be poor in the uk, I got 10kg (lots of 2cm roots included) from 10 plants, not really worthwhile economically, but everyone loves them. Weekly harvest report: we harvested £140 worth of veg. We picked: apples, carrots, chard, true spinach, leeks, chicory, broccoli, sprout leaves, brocollini, lots of types of kale, kalettes, potatoes, red beets, golden beets, spring onions, celery, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, NZ spinach and mixed herbs

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