Episode 160. How I grow parsley.

In this week's podcast, I share the latest in the allotment and vegetable patch as well as discuss how I grow parsley.

The diary.

This week I have carried out the following tasks

  • A development with the quails
  • Completed the outdoor aviary
  • potting on and sowing more seeds.

I mention this article during this podcast. Each week I share how much I harvest and the value of the produce.


Parsley is one of those fantastic herbs that are super easy to grow yet have a lot of use in the kitchen. In this podcast, I discuss how I go about growing this herb.

Parsley originates from the Mediterranean but is now found all over Europe. It is related to carrots and parsnips.

I find it to be super easy to grow. Sow a few seeds every few weeks to get a constant supply. Treated right we can have parsley growing all year round. I find that winter sown parsley results in better plants as parsley doesn't seem to like warm weather. I like to grow these herbs on in windowsill troughs. These provide plenty of space to grow plenty of parsley as well as easy to care for.

Resources for this show can be found below

So please listen to this week's podcast to find out more.

The veg grower podcast is a weekly podcast documenting my journey growing my own food in my garden and allotment. Based in Littlehampton West Sussex in the united kingdom.

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