New potatoes.

It's Wednesday which means its time to look at my understanding of a horticultural word or term. This week I am looking at new potatoes.

New potatoes.

Around, late spring to early summer small, young potatoes is available. These potatoes have a very thin skin that can be rubbed of easily. These potatoes are what is known as new potatoes. Usually, first potatoes are used for this. Varieties such as jersey royals and Pentland javelin are well known for this.

As this potatoes are still young they tend to hold there shape well when cooked. They usually have a much sweeter fresher taste too. This makes them particularly useful for salads. A quick search online will come up with lots of recipes to use these tasty morsels. For me, I like to use them in a nice potato salad or simply boiled and covered in butter.

How do you like your new potatoes? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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