Carrot experiment, pumpkin and hedgehogs video.

In this week's video I have looked at the carrot experiment, harvested another pumpkin and got some footage of some hedgehogs I found in my garden.

Carrot experiment.

A few weeks ago I started an experiment by sowing some carrot seeds into some root trainers. Its time to move the experiment on and plant these out. Overall germination was poor and I do not have a huge amount of carrots. Using the root trainers however seems like a good idea and makes planting pretty easy.

Pumpkin and hedgehogs.

I have also harvested another pumpkin of which I have been monitoring and guessed it was larger than the pumpkin harvested in a previous video. Was I right? Well in this video we shall find out.

I was also lucky enough to capture on film 3 young hedgehogs in my garden. This awesome creatures are a gardeners friend and well worth encouraging into the garden if you can.

Check out the video below.

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2 thoughts on “Carrot experiment, pumpkin and hedgehogs video.

  • Is there a big difference as to what will grow outdoors over winter between where you are and Manchester?

  • Good question. I’m close to the coast so get pretty mild weather. Where you are you might colder and a bit harsher so you might lose some more tender crops. However if you choose hardier crops and keep clouches and fleece to hand you should easily grow plenty.

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