Episode 188. Revisiting Julia’s kitchen garden.

Join me in this weeks podcast which is dedicated to the memory of Paul peacock. We also revisit Julia's kitchen garden.

Paul peacock was a fellow gardening podcast. His podcast an hour in the garden was a podcast I looked forward to each week and we would email each other with our musings over the podcasts. Check out his website here.

The diary.

In this week's diary I have covered the following tasks

  • weeding
  • repairing a water butt
  • watering

Julia's kitchen garden

This week we take our second visit to Julia's kitchen garden. Julia has recently got the grow your own bug and has started looking at her garden as  aplace to grow food for her family. In this podcast I pop over and see how shes getting on and we plant up some plants for her to grow over winter.

Check it out in the podcast.

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