Episode 128. Late blight.

Welcome to this weeks podcast from the veg grower podcast. In episode 128 I talk about the latest happenings on the plot and a little on late blight.

However I also start with a thank you and a mention to This blog post I made yesterday.

The diary

The latest happenings on the plot include

  • Problems caused by strong winds
  • weather slowing down work
  • potato harvests


Late blight

This weeks topic is on blight. Blight can be a big problem for us vegetable growers and recently I have seen a lot of questions about it. In this i talk a little about what is late blight. what I do to tackle it and what I grow to prevent the infection.

Resources for this topic include

Please check them out to find out more.

Other mentions

A few other mentions i make in this episode include


So please listen and enjoy. Don't forget to add any comments and suggestions below.

Also if you want to be on an episode then get in touch and we can organise an interview. Interview are held over Skype at a convenient time for both parties.

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