Photos from week 31 of 2017.

This week the photo collection was taken in week 31 of 2017. Have browse of my photos.

The veg patch.

The veg patch view

I haven't really taken many photos of my veg patch lately. As you can see things are growing well with strong plants.

However the tomatoes have taken over and spread wide. The canes themselves have struggled in the high winds we have had of late too.

Bear and grills have even photobombed this shot.




Greenhouse tomatoes

In the greenhouse things are much the same as outside. Tomatoes have grown strong.





Greenhouse chillies

Chillies are growing very well.






Greenhouse aubergines.

Aubergine are always a struggle for me no flowers yet so no fruit.






Rhubarb growing well.

Outside the greenhouse the rhubarb is exploding in growth. I think it has really like the rain and is almost taking over the path.

Sorrel growing well


I also believe the rain has really helped the sorrel too as this is growing really well.





The allotment.

Allotment view

Things are progressing really well down the allotment. I am really pleased with how things are looking down there.

allotment view






Cider apple tree blown over

However the strong winds have caused my cider apple tree to drop over as pictured. Thankfully nothing is damaged and the fruits are all ok.


This cabbage is also growing really well too. This should be useful once ready to harvest.






Sweetcorn growing well

I am also really happy with how my beans and sweetcorn is growing. Good strong plants and producing plenty of food

In fact if you look closely or the picture to the right you will see the tassels are turning brown. This is an indication that the corn will soon be ready for harvests.






As always I like to show the harvests I have made this week. After all that's what we want to do when we grow food.


Collection of harvest


french beans
snack cucumbers or gherkins
more tomatoes



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