4 years of podcasting.

I can't quiet believe but just over 4 years ago I picked up a microphone and started talking about my vegetable growing adventures. That was the beginning of the veg grower podcast.

In the beginning

When I first started I was unsure if I had what it takes to create a podcast. I'm an engineer by trade and the whole blogging world was a whole different ball game to what I knew. I realised I would need to learn lots of different skills to make this a success.

As I started out, my first aim was to make a podcast about growing food because at that time there were very few podcasts on this subject. At that time I listened to a lot of podcasts and as I loved growing vegetables I thought this could be a way I could feed my veg growing obsession.  So I decided to create one myself.

Since starting I have heard from many listeners. These listeners have often said that they listen to my podcast while working on their plots. Reinforcing my belief that podcasting is a great way to share information on vegetable growing.


I also had several hopes that may come out of the veg grower podcast. One was I wanted to inspire more people to take up growing their own food. Not out of necessity but because it sounded enjoyable. When listeners tell me that my podcasts inspires them to grow their own, it is always an honour.

I also wanted my podcast advice to be very simple so that anyone could follow. I have worried about this as I wondered if I was ever articulate enough to get this across. That certainly has been a struggle but by producing these podcasts its taught me to improve my dictation and be clearer. So when I was checking listener reviews on iTunes this week I was very pleased to see another 5 star review from Adam who says

As a beginner I often find myself unable to get the answers I need from gardening podcasts as they are more geared towards veterans and the newbies get forgotten. I found Richard concise, informative and most importantly accessible and listening to his podcast and re-enforced my new found love of growing my own. Thank you Richard!

Again this comment has reinforced that I am doing what I aimed too. So thank you Adam this is very encouraging for me to hear.

More confidence boosting.

Too add to my confidence this week my subscription of grow your own magazine had arrived through my door. I glanced through coming to a section called growing help. Written by Jane Perrone I noticed a few words consisting of Richard from West Sussex. My first reaction was I live there and so I read more before realising it was a few lines about The veg grower podcast.It was very odd reading about your work in a magazine but I am nonetheless grateful for the extra exposure

I am normally very humble but these 2 events I have noticed this week have really boosted my confidence.

Overall I am really happy with how the veg grower podcast is coming along. I will continue to improve while remaining loyal to you guys who listen each week of whom I am so grateful too for helping this show, for standing by me and for listening. So here's to the future.

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