Weekly harvest report

Each week I like to share my weekly harvest report. Sharing what I have harvested this week and seeing how much that would cost from a shop.

Weekly harvest report

This week we have harvested the following

  • 4 chicken eggs which would have cost us £1 from a shop.
  • 24 quail eggs which would have cost us £5.04 from a shop.
  • 1 marrow which weighed 5.5kg which would have cost us £3 from a shop.
  • 1.5kg tomatoes which would have cost us £4.25 from a shop.
  • 3kg bramley cooking apples which would have cost us £5.55 from a shop.
  • 1 corn on the cob which would have cost us 75p
  • 1.5kg conference pears which would have cost us £3.69 from a shop.
  • 2 small courgettes which would have cost us 80p from a shop.
  • A selection of herbs and salad leaves as required. We allow £1 for these.

This weeks total

That brings this week's total value of harvest to £25.08.

Pretty happy with that result. I am also pleased to see that apples and pears are now on the list. I know there will be more to follow over the next few weeks.

Bear has also laid a few eggs this week. Her being on her own doesn't seem to have affected her in that department. The 2 new chickens are yet to lay but that will happen.

What have you harvested this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

4 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report

  • Weekly harvest report: we cropped £270 worth of fruit and veg. A bit more than last week as we’ve done some bulk tomato harvests for preserves. We still have some big harvests ahead though. We picked: peppers, chillies, sweet corn, cabbage, kale, runner beans, french beans, potatoes, red beets, golden beets, spring onions, onions, celery, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, gherkins, calabrese, carrots, lettuce, NZ spinach, Malabar spinach, green and golden purselane, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and apples, pears.

  • Great stuff again Steve. Really really impressive the amount of food you harvest each week. I love how much variation you get too. All the best Richard.

  • Bit late to the party but it was a good week here to. Got two marrows, handful of runner beans, couple more pumpkins, first decent sized carrots, sweet corn , 6 cucumbers and the normal tomatoes.
    As a side note will you be planting any over winter broad beans Richard? And if so when?

  • A great harvest there Michael. That will certainly keep you going for a while.
    I usually sow overwinter broad beans in November but this year I might sow them late October. Usually I sow them inside the potting shed and plant them out once hardened off but I will discuss this in a podcast.

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