Episode 184. My task’s for September

Join me in this podcast where I discuss my gardening task's for September. I share the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary.

This weeks tasks have included

  • Weeding
  • integrating chickens
  • Strimmer problem's

And much much more

My task's for September

September is a very busy month. Winter is on its way and therefore we need to be prepared. Otherwise when the weather worsens I may end up losing my hardwork.

Waterbutts will need to be checked and repaired, fleeces will also need to be checked and replaced. If I act on this now it will mean I will have a more successful winter.

There will be more food harvested, but also more plants to be planted in order to provide more food over winter.

All these task's and more are to be tackled in September.

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