The Vobes show live from my allotment

The Vobes show.

This isn't the first time I have worked with Richard. Previously his live show was under the bald explorer banner and I have appeared on there. That show can be found here.

This time, however, we were coming live from my allotment. Something that we thought would bring a new dimension to the live shows. Now Richards live shows are not on a mobile phone. They are studio quality production which meant time was spent setting the studio up, sound checking etc. Of course, this equipment required electricity and an internet connection to connect. Two things not available on my allotment site but thankfully we managed to come up with solutions. We used an inverter running off my van for power and a mobile network modem to connect to the internet.

This show I was not the only guest. We had TLJ (the lovely Julia) who is Richard's second in command. We also had my very good friend Jonathon. Jonathon has been creating logos for merchandise for The bald explorer and Vobes show. He has also created a new logo for the veg grower podcast which is now completed and is below.

2018 logo
2018 logo

What do you think of the logo?

We went live with the show and had lots of laughs. I have embedded the video below. Of course, I was cooking up some food on the show and this time I opted for a bbq. Some simple burgers and sausages but I always like to incorporate some of my homegrown food. I made an onion relish to go with the burgers as well as an elderflower cordial to wash it all down. I had even smoked some cheese to enjoy too. Of course, recipes for these will follow over the next few days including my video for smoking cheese.

Behind the scenes photos.

With Jonathon on hand, he very kindly grabbed lots of from behind the scenes. I have shared these here.

I would like to thank Richard, Julia, Jonathan and everyone who watched. We genuinely believe we are onto an excellent format with these shows and its something the veg grower podcast could be doing in the future.

Encouraging more people to grow food is something I aim to do and I know through this show we have managed at least 1 more person to grow a little of there own food. Great stuff.

What do you think of the show? let me know in the comments.

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