Another appearance on the bald explorer live show.

I was lucky enough to be invited back onto the bald explorer's live show. Like last time we were cooking our home/allotment grown food on the show.

Bald explorer live show.

Richard Vobes (otherwise known as the bald explorer) invited me back onto his live show. His viewers had been asking for me and Richard and I have a good chemistry that shows in the show.

As I am promoting the veg grower podcast while being on there I figured we needed to cook something different while being homegrown. This time I took along my rhubarb cordial that I had made a few days before from my own rhubarb. I also figured that as asparagus was in season it was a good idea to use that. Searching the internet found a one-pan chicken and asparagus dish recipe. I figured would be a good dish (I will put the recipe up soon). Beforehand I had also made some rhubarb streusel muffins as a bit of an experiment that I took along as a bit of a dessert.

I arrived at Richards house an hour before going live to set up and go through all the photos to use on the show. We went live and of course whenever there's a live show not everything goes to plan. However, we still had a good show which was very responsive from his audience. I have picked up a few more listeners which is always good as well as getting more people interested in growing our own food.

You can check out the live show below.

To find out more about the bald explorer check out his website here.

Did you enjoy the live show? Let me know in the comments.

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