Weekly harvest report

Each week I like to share a weekly harvest report. Sharing what I have harvested from my allotment or vegetable patch and seeing how much that would cost from a shop.

Weekly harvest report

This week we have harvested

  • 10 chicken eggs which would have cost us £2.50 from a shop.
  • 10 quail eggs which would have cost us £2.10 from a shop.
  • 1kg of rhubarb which would have cost us £3.75
  • 250g of asparagus which would have cost us £2.00 from a shop.
  • 200g of purple sprouting broccoli which would have cost us £1.80 from a shop.
  • 100g of leafy greens and herbs as and when needed which would have cost is £1.00 from a shop.

Summary and total

In total, this week's harvest value came to £13.15. Lower than expected but I am pretty happy nonetheless.

You will notice both the chicken and quail egg production has dropped. I am not quite sure why the quail eggs have dropped but I will be watching them closely. The chicken eggs have dropped as 1 of my chickens does not seem herself lately. I am monitoring her closely and will discuss whats going on with her tomorrow.

I also could have harvested more rhubarb but didn't as I didn't have time to do anything with it over this last week.

What have you harvested this last week? let me know in the comments or Email me here.

One thought on “Weekly harvest report

  • Hi Richard, I hope the chickens and quails return to form soon. This week’ we’ve been away for three days so harvesting has been a bit frantic and we’ve not eaten as much as usual ourselves. That said we still managed our biggest harvest this year, around £190 worth, made up of lots of types of kale, kalettes, red cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, loads of radish, chard, spinach, perpetual spinach and especially spring onions. We’ve now run out of golden beetroot, but we raided the store for red beetroot, beans, onions and potatoes. We bartered for 12 eggs and locally grown greenhouse tomatoes and grapes. We also swapped a load of veg for unlimited access to future cherries and asparagus, which we are really excited about. Last week we paid off the polytunnel, this week we paid off all of our seed and compost and netting costs, so from now on we are in profit.

    All the best – Steve

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