Episode 168. How I encourage slug and snail predators.

Join me in this week's podcast where I discuss how I encourage slug and snail predators into my allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary.

Each week I share what I have been doing in the garden this last week. This week's task's include

  • Potting on and hardening off
  • Planting out plants
  • A new fence supplied by colour fence

And much more.

Encouraging slug and snail predators into the garden.

In last week's podcast, I spoke of how I deal with slugs and snails. My conclusion was that the best method that I found worked for me was encouraging wildlife into the garden. In this podcast, I talk about how I do this easily and simply.

Hedgehogs and birds are great for controlling slug and snail population along with many other forms of wildlife.

In this episode, I mention a couple of websites as follows

I also mention about some hedgehog food that I use to leave out for hedgehogs to eat. The type I use can be bought from Amazon by clicking the image below.

How do you encourage wildlife into your garden? let me know in the comments .

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  • very clear and good article easy to understand. Thank you

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