Episode 137. What to do with pumpkins

Join me in this weeks podcast episode 137 where I discuss the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch and a few ideas on how to use pumpkins.

The diary.

Each week I share whats been happening on the allotment and vegetable patch.

This week this section includes the following

  • Saffron developments
  • Making comfrey feed
  • Harvesting tomatoes and pumpkin.

Please listen to this week's podcast to find out more.

How to use pumpkins.

Every year I grow pumpkins to use in many meals. However when I see so many of these squashes for sale in supermarkets and greengrocer and I know the vast majority are going to be carved into jack o lanterns. I always feel this is such a waste of a great food source. So this week I discuss a few easy recipes that are so simple that I think everyone could make them.

Links to the recipes are as follows.

I also mention this article from the Guardian where they list there top 10 pumpkin recipes. Reading through this list got me salivating and craving to try these dishes. Check it out and see what you think.

Let me know what you do with pumpkins. I love to try different recipes and will gladly share them. You can share in the comments below or through our contact page.

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