Scott’s Pasta with Broad Bean, Pancetta and Parmesan

Hi, its Scott here with this week’s recipe and I was so excited to see that I had some broad beans ready to pick at the allotment I just have to share a broad bean recipe.

So, this week we have trofie pasta with broad beans, pancetta and parmesan a good dish to make this time of year when the beans are still young and tender, and we can use the broad bean tops as well and that’s the beauty of growing our own we can decide when we want to pick them and when picked young there is no need to double pod them.

I also use wet garlic in this recipe wet garlic is just garlic picked before its fully matured and you can slice the whole build like an onion, and it has a more delicate flavour but if you don’t want to use it you can just use 1 or 2 cloves of garlic.

So, lets head to the kitchen and hear how it’s made.

You can find this recipe and others on the and on my Instagram page seed to table plot 13

For this recipe you will need

Serves 2

200g trofie pasta or you could use penne

1 build of wet garlic sliced about 20g or two cloves of garlic

100g diced white onion

130g diced pancetta

30g parmesan

1 hand full of broad bean tops

Salt and pepper


Start by putting a pan of water on for the pasta. Then In a shallow saucepan start frying the pancetta in drizzle of olive oil and cook until almost crispy then add the garlic and onions now blanch the broad beans in the boiling water for the pasta for 1 minuet then add to the pancetta, garlic and onions along with the broad bean tops then set the pan aside. Now cook the pasta according to packet instructions don’t worry if the water has turned pink it’s just a molecule in the broad bean skins that does this once the pasta is cooked before draining take a ladle or two of the cooking water out now add the cooked pasta to the pan with the parmesan and toss everything together using the pasta water as you go.

And that’s the recipe done.

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