How much I spent growing my own in April

Continuing on this series of blog posts we are looking at how much it costs to grow our own food. This is how much I spent in April.

Compost costs.

This month I have bought a fair amount of compost. For seeds, I have bought a couple of bags of seed compost which cost £4.50 in all. I also bought a bag of John Innes number 2 which cost £3.00 and a big bag of multipurpose compost which cost me £3.50.

This brings the compost total this month too £11.00

Magazine costs.

Most months I buy a magazine to do with vegetable growing. This month I bought 2 as 1 had a special offer. These 2 magazines cost me £12.98. However, as these magazines come with free seeds the cost of the magazine pays for themselves in theory.

Manure costs.

On the allotment, I have needed a lot of manure in order to practice no dig gardening. Thankfully I have a very good supply of which I spent £5.00 on this month.

Chicken costs.

This month I needed to buy a 20kg bag of chicken food. This cost me £8.95 and will last me about 3 months. I also bought some wood shaving. A small bag this time for £2.00

April's total costs.

In total, I spent £39.93. I have been quite restrained this month and tried not to spend anything unless it was necessary.

How much did you spend growing your own? Let me know in the comments below or Email me here.





2 thoughts on “How much I spent growing my own in April

  • Those chickens really earn their keep Richard, I spent about twice what you did, maybe £80 vs harvest value of about £500, so I’m very happy. Most of the spend was investing in bigger future harvests, so that’s even better.

  • That’s what it’s all about. As long as we spend less then what the food value is I’m happy.

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