It's Wednesday which means its time to look at my understanding of a horticultural word or term. This week I am looking at the word transplanting.


It's very rare that I sow seeds direct to where they are to grow. I prefer to sow them in pots to grow until I feel its right to plant out. This planting out is otherwise known as transplanting.

For me, this method works better as it helps me be more organised and allows me to grow strong plants before they are planted outside where they can be vulnerable.

The only seeds that I really sow directly are carrots and parsnips as these plants do not like being transplanted. pretty much every plant is grown in pots in the potting shed and slowly moved onto the next stages.

When I transplant I like to dib out a hole big enough to fit the plant's rootball in. I then remove the pot from the plant and place into the hole. Then I will give the plant a really good water to water in and get it established.

Do you transplant any plants? Let me know in the comments or alternatively Email me here.

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