Episode 312. Petrol vs electric garden tools.

Join me in today's podcast where I'll be discussing a debate I have wanted to do for a while. Electric vs petrol garden tools. I also share the latest from my plots.

The diary

In the diary section I have been tackling the following tasks.

  • Weeding and watering
  • 24 hour live
  • Purchase of a new chainsaw
  • Mulching of soils

and much more on the podcast.

Petrol vs electric garden tools.

For a while I have wanted to debate what was best between petrol or electric garden tool's. I have always preferred petrol tools for the fact that i could simply pull the tool out the shed and use where as electric required running a cable.

I also always preferred petrol to have down the allotment too. On the allotment we have no electricity so a electric lawnmower would be useless.

The draw back with petrol tools lately I have found myself spending longer longer trying to start my petrol tools in order to use them. In fact Sunday I got so annoyed at trying to get my petrol chainsaw to run that I gave up and bought a Ryobi one chainsaw and strimmer

You can hear my reason why in this podcast.

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One thought on “Episode 312. Petrol vs electric garden tools.

  • Hi Richard I use petrol tools but love my G Tech long handle hedge cutter .I am considering a battery mower self propelled

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