Episode 233. A tour of the walled gardens at West Dean.

Join me in this week's podcast where I take a trip around the walled gardens at West Dean. I also share the latest from the plots.

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The walled gardens of West Dean

Nestled at the foot of the South Downs near chichester is West Dean Gardens one of the greatest restores gardens in the south uk.

Every year I attend the annual chilli fiesta here and every year I have to have a look at my favourite walled gardens here.

Why are they my favourite? Well because the gardens are used to grow food of course. Every year I'm impressed with the amount of food that is growing in these gardens be it the orchards full of apple and pears or the kitchen garden where plenty of large cabbages can be found.

In this podcast I take a tour of the gardens and share with you what I am seeing as I make my way around.

To find out more about these gardens check out the website.

One thought on “Episode 233. A tour of the walled gardens at West Dean.

  • Good comprehensive chat on my favourite also garden ,so well managed .cheers

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