Episode 234. Crops I plan to overwinter.

Join me I. This week's podcast where I'll be discussing a few of my crops that I plan to overwinter. We also have the layaway from the plots.

The diary

This week's tasks include

  • Weeding
  • Moving the baby quails to a new home
  • Potting on chilli plants
<li>And much more. Check out this week's episode to find out more.</li>

Crops I plan to overwinter.

  • Every year I like growing crops over winter. I find it a lot easier to grow overwinter then at other tones of the year as Mother Nature os doing a lot of the work for you.
  • In this podcast I discuss a few of the crops that I'll be growing over this winter and why.
  • In this episode the crops I plan to grow are

    Lettuce particularly a variety called winter destiny

    Salad leaf

    Spring onions

    Pak Choi

    Choy sum

    Carrots a variety called adalaide I will be trailing




    Peas kelvendon wonder

    Broad beans aquadulce Claudia

    Chard or perpetual spinach

    Spring cabbages.

    I mention cloches from amazon please click here for that.

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