Episode 235. Listeners questions.

Join me in this week's podcast where I answer a few listeners questions that I've received. We also have the latest from the plots.

The diary

In this week's diary section we have tackled the following tasks

  • Potting in and taking cutting of herb plants
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
<li>And much more.</li>

Listeners questions.

It's always a pleasure to hear back from listeners. The question always give me some great content. This week's I have 4 questions from listeners they include

  • What's my grow light set up?
  • Where do you get tiger nuts from?
  • Why do I grow marrows on my butternut squash plants?
  • What has my sweetcorn outgrown its coat?
<li>I mention links to producers through the show and these can be found below.</li>

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