Episode 232. Recorded live from the maze garden.

Join me in this very special episode where I record this podcast live from the maze garden with my co-host Lee Connelly aka the skinny jean gardener. I also share the latest from my plots.

The diary

In this weeks diary section, we have

  • Potting on many plants
  • changes on the allotment
  • Clearing more weeds

and much more.

Recorded live from the Maze garden

This year Lee and I were given permission to create a few podcasts from Richard Bushbys maze garden. We figured this was an opportunity to see where we could take the podcasts to in the future.

Richard Bushby opens his garden up once a year. The centrepiece of his garden is the maze. I mean who doesn't have a maze in their garden. During this live recording, we get Richard to tell us more about his garden and why he opens it up once a year. To find out more about the maze garden please click the link

The charity that this open day raises money for is perennial. A rather brilliant charity that dedicates itself to helping those that work in horticulture. During this live recording, we chat to one of the charities fundraisers to discuss what it's all about.

What have you been up to in the garden this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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