#549 Its all starting to come together

Join Richard in this weeks episode of the veg grower podcast. This week Richard feels like its all coming together as he is is looking at making more space in his greenhouse by using cold frames. He plants out some cabbages and cauliflowers. Also the grass paths have had their first cut at the allotment. Chef Scott shares an rhubarb BBQ sauce recipe too.

Making room in the greenhouse.

Like many of us Richard has lots of seedlings in his greenhouse and on his windowsills. But at this time of year a greenhouse also needs to be used for the growing of food.

Richard now turns to his cold frames as a way of making more room in greenhouses and to harden off his plants.

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Its all coming together.

One thing we have to do to grow our own food is plant plants!

This week Richard has planted out his summer cabbages and cauliflowers, two of the hardest vegetables to grow.

Richard talks you through his process of preparing the ground and planting out the plants and how to protect from pigeons.

Chef Scott's recipe of the week

This week Chef Scott has a delicious BBQ sauce using rhubarb for you to try. BBQ season is just around the corner and there's plenty of Rhubarb being harvested.

The first cut.

And finally we end with the first cut of the grass paths on the allotment. But the grass clippings don't get wasted, they can be used to make compost or for mulching the brassicas planted out earlier.

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