Episode 179. Project updates.

Join me in this weeks podcast where I discuss some project updates I have been running. I also have been chatting to the skinny jean gardener and share the latest on the plots.

The diary.

This week I have been carrying out the following tasks in the my gardening world.

  • 15 minutes of weeding every day
  • The rain stopping play.
  • New pineberry plants.

I received a lovely email from Karen this week. You may remember that I was tasked with finding Karen a suitable apple tree for her garden in this podcast episode. Well she very kindly has let me know hot her James grieve cordon apple tree is doing with this lovely photo.

I was also lucky enough to catch up with the skinny jean gardener. Lee has been organising a fantastic gardening festival that I shall be attending. For details on this please check out this link.

Project updates.

I like to run experiments and projects. I believe in constantly testing new things out. This year I have tried a few different things and I thought I would update you all with how these are doing today.

In this podcast the project updates include

  • Blight resistant tomatoes.
  • square foot gardening.
  • Quail.

Listen to the podcast to find out more. Any comments or suggestion then please get in touch either in comments or Email me here.


3 thoughts on “Episode 179. Project updates.

  • Interested to hear you mention square foot gardening and your experiences, a lot that I share. I love planning things and so a small garden and sfg seemed to be right up my street, I have it a go 8 years ago. The planning was great, but as you say, you do need to be on top of planning and prep, which sometimes is a bit full on – sometimes you just want to put something in the ground and forget about it!

    We had bits of success but I felt at the time that it lacked an amount of air flow around the plants, they are all very close to each other and my spot did not get sun all day. In full sun, this is probably a bonus.

    I finally gave up when we moved house. When I got my new allotment this year I thought I might try it again, but in the end of idea of “neat rows of vegetables” over came me and I “went traditional” (ie, why all the planning and squeezing things in if you have plenty of room?)

  • You have exactly summed up my feelings with the whole square foot gardening approach. I am sure it works for those with a small amount of land who are very very organised but for me it doesn’t work. Thank you for your input.

  • I find that incredibly interesting. Square foot gardening is held in high regard in the media but our experiences say otherwise. Glad I am not the only one who struggled with it.

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