Episode 156. What I have learned about growing potatoes.

Join me in episode 156 where I share the latest on the plots and what I have learned about potatoes.

I should add that this is episode 156 not 155 like I said in this podcast (again).

The diary.

Each episode I share hat I have been doing on the allotment and vegetable patch. This week's jobs include

  • Mulching beds
  • Building a new quail cage
  • Planting some potatoes.

We have had some lovely weather for a few days and working outside is such a pleasure with weather like this. I love working with the sun on my back keeping me warm. check out this episode to find out more.

What I have learned about growing potatoes.

Recently I attended a talk Chris Pennard. Chris runs a nursery in somerset of which includes selling seed potatoes.

The huge wealth of information that came from Chris during this talk was really quite astounding, I never knew how much there was to know about these tubers. I made plenty of notes from his talk and compared them to my experiences growing potatoes. Each year I always try to do better, this year I am hoping that using Chris's information and my own experience, I will grow some excellent potatoes.

I share all I have learned in this episode.



So please listen and enjoy. Any comments or suggestions please get in touch.

Don't forget if you grow your own food, get in touch and share your stories.

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