Episode 173. My trip to the gardeners world live show 2018.

Join me in this podcast where I discuss my trip to the gardeners world live show 2018. I also share the latest developments on the plots.

The diary.

This week I have carried out the following tasks.

  • Hatching new quail
  • Planting out sweet potatoes
  • Planting out butternut squash.

I also mention my good friend Richard Vobes and the future plans we have. Please join us on the Vobes show live on Thursday the 21 June 2018 8pm bst for our live show from my allotment. We will be cooking up my own grown produce and having a laugh as always.

My visit to gardeners world live 2018.

This year I was lucky enough to win tickets to gardeners world live show. For many years I have seen lots of fellow gardeners talk about this show as the pinnacle of all gardening shows. Well I am very glad that I went.

I thought I would share with everyone my day and how I found the show overall as well as share a few points that I felt would make future visits a little easier for you.

I mention a few speakers that I saw in this show an they can be found on the following links

  • Lee the skinny jean gardener A big thank you for the tickets and to spend some time out your day with me.
  • Life at no 27 who shared her journey in gardening and discussed a future project that we can all really get behind.
  • Mr plant geek who shared his passion for unusual and interesting plants.


did you go to the show? If so how did you find it? Let me know in the comments below or Email me here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 173. My trip to the gardeners world live show 2018.

  • Ivonne Smit (Discutafel)

    Hi Richard,
    Glad you had a good time at GWL, too. I do recognize some of your comments on the show.

    I returned to The Netherlands on Monday. I am planning to publish one ore two Dicuspecials on GWL. I might even make an English summary to give you, and other English people I have contact with now and then, the opportunity to understand it 😉

    Very excited about your plans in not only growing food, but also letting grow the online community. It would be nice to support your initiatiative, please let me know if I can help you in any way (and don’t feel bad if you think I can’t).
    I consider similar activities in The Netherlands, although this will be somewhere in the future. Since podcasting on gardening is not popular here(!), I’ll perhaps do this in English.

    Discutafel is the bi-weekly Dutch podcast on eco-friendly gardening and permaculture. Every other Thursday. Next episode: June 21. Stay tuned!

    Regards, Ivonne (Discutafel)

  • Hi Ivonne.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit and the podcast too. I felt show was worth a visit.

    So sorry we couldn’t meet up unfortunately our diaries just couldn’t of worked out that way.

    An English version would be an excellent addition and I would happily share it with others in hope to promote your podcast. Gardening podcasts in the uk have only really taken off in the last year I would say.

    My community plans would be worldwide initiative so you are more then welcome to join in and help but we will discuss that in the future.

    Take care and happy podcasting.


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