Episode 155. Pruning.

Join me in episode 155. In this week's podcast, I talk about the latest on the plots and discuss pruning. Please ignore the fact in this podcast I call it episode 154 it is, in fact, episode 155.

The diary.

In the diary (or plog as a phrase I am trying out) we cover the following

  • Quail all in 1 aviary
  • Mulching rhubarb bed
  • Sowing more seeds

To find out more please listen to this week's podcast.


Pruning is one of those jobs that I am always a little afraid of doing. I am sure I am not the only person that finds cutting a plant to make it grow better a little nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, it is a recommended task that is worth an annual inspection.

A few resources for some further reading can be found below

I mention my choice in secateurs. Firstly we have my everyday pair which can be bought from Amazon by clicking on the following image.

Then I mention a pair of ratchet secateurs that I own. These can also be bought from Amazon by clicking on the following image

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