Weekly harvest report.

It's time for the weekly harvest report.

Weekly harvest report.

This week I have not harvested all that much. As we have plenty of food in our freezer I decided to only harvest what need harvesting.

We have 8 chicken eggs which would have cost us £2.00 from a shop.

Follow that with 7 quail eggs which would have cost us £1.47 from a shop.

This week had of we brought these items from a shop, would have cost us £3.47.

Overall not bad. I still have plenty of food I could have harvested but decided to wait a while.

What about you what have you harvested this week? Let me know in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report.

  • Those eggs look great Richard, I’m only harvesting veg at the moment: lots of lettuce, spinach, pac choi, corn salad, claytonia, spinach beet, spring onion, chicory, carrots, beetroot, kale, broccoli, sprouts, kalettes, brocolli tops, cabbage, potatoes and beans from the freezer.

    It would be interesting to compare the cost of feeding/caring for the chickens with the value of the eggs – if you have that information.

    All the best – Steve

  • Thank you, Steve. That’s a good lot of veg coming out the plots you have there.
    As for comparing the cost of eggs, I was asked that question last year and roughly worked out I broke even on the costs involved but I am hoping to keep track of costs this year and compare. As always there is the fact that Poundland sells 6 eggs for £1 which is incredibly cheap in comparison whereas 6 free range eggs from a supermarket are £2.50 which is what I tend to use as a price guide. The other advantage I found with chickens is the work they do in the garden with slug/snail control, weeding and composting which is where I believe makes them really worth keeping.
    All the best

  • We get local organic eggs for £2.15 here, I buy these now after you told me about the welfare issues with free range. Next month we should’ve bartering for back yard eggs again though 🙂

  • That’s a good price and local is always so much better too. The legal definition for free range isn’t quite what we expect. I also have a local free range egg farm where we can see how much space the hens have when we drive past.

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