International podcast day

Today (30th September 2020) is international podcast day so I thought I’ll make a list of the gardening podcasts that I listen too.

Gardening podcasts have came a long way since I picked up a microphone in 2013. Back then there was just a handful of podcast and most where radio shows put into podcast form. As a podcast fan since they began I knew this media had a lot of untapped potential and I believe we are only just scratching the surface of what can be achieved with this media.

The Skinny Jean Gardener.

Lee from the skinny jean gardener appears on my podcast often so it’s probably no surprise he is on this list. His mix of cheeky humour combined with a child like view on gardening fits nicely with his over riding aim of getting kids gardening.

Roots and all

The wonderful Sarah Wilson produces a rather pleasant podcast. What I have always thoroughly enjoyed about Sarah’s podcast is her take on garden through her vegan ethics and has highlighted many more way as to work with nature rather then against.

The Plant Based Podcast

Ellen and Michael together host this podcast with a their passion of plants really shining through and delving into more aspects of just how amazing plants are for us. An excellent listen for everyone who's into plants

Talking Heads Podcast

Saul and Lucy first launched this podcast at the beginning of the year and have really hit the nail on head for giving us an enthusiastic and informative podcast and sharing with us what it's its really like to be a head gardener.


Ivonne hosts Discutaful podcast a gardening podcast from the Netherlands. Keen to promote permaculture and eco gardening. Podcasts released in Dutch or English so well worth checking out.

Garden Weeds and Words

Andrew's smooth relaxing voice in this podcast goes hand in hand with the smooth relaxing style of this podcast. With some very interesting guests and Andrew's own personal experience make this podcast worthy of a listen.

On the ledge

I have always been keen to promote gardening regardless of what space you have and Jane in this podcast does exactly that by talking about houseplants. If you don't have a garden or allotment but still want to be able to garden this might just be what you want to listen too.

The Garden Log

Ben shares with us his diary his time a a head gardener. With a very poetic speech in makes this podcast very delightful and really invokes the imagination with the detail ben shares in this podcast.

Pot And Cloche

In this podcast Joff takes us to meet meet lots of horty type people, be it a head gardener, author or nursery person. Its a delightful podcast to listen while clearing away those weeds.

If you have a podcast that I haven't mentioned then leave a comment below and I'll be sure to check it out.

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