12.2.2018 video. Potting shed chat and caring for the home rhubarb.

Join me in this weeks video as I have a bit of a chat in the potting shed and spend a bit of time with my rhubarb.

Potting shed chat.

While I sow a few seeds in the potting shed I have a bit of a chat about a few things including my visit to seedy Sunday last week. In a way, I am just mumbling to myself but its always good to talk to plants while working lol.

After that, I have integrated all the quail into 1 cage and show how calm they are with the new housing.

I also have spent a bit of time with my rhubarb, building a border and mulching. Just in time as you will see, the rhubarb has started to grow.

So check out the video below and enjoy.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions then leave them below.

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