Episode 109. My favourite resources.

Join me this week as i discuss the latest happenings on the plot including
-What seeds sown this week
-What potatoes planted this week
-How the weather has made hoeing easier.

I mention a new blogger/ youtuber who can be found at this blog. Also his youtube channel can be found here.

I then discuss some resources from all over the place.

The books I mention can be found
The kitchen gardener.
The gourmet gardener.

So please listen and enjoy. Feel free to add any comments below.

2 thoughts on “Episode 109. My favourite resources.

  • Thanks so much for the generous comments about my new youtube channel Seaside Allotment and my blog seasidelife.com. It’s always very encouraging to get feedback and event better a few compliments when first starting out on a new venture.

    It would be a privilege to be interviewed on Skype, but you and your listeners would have to be prepared to listen to an absolute beginner’s story!

  • Im sure my listeners will be happy to hear your story mate. I’m just typing up an e mail to you to arrange the interview.

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