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On this weeks podcast I mentioned I had a news article already lined up for this week, and I have this News piece about Russian people growing 40% of the food that they consume in there gardens. 

Unfortunately what I didn't realise is that this article dates to 2016, normally I like to keep my news comments relevant and recent. However this article really peaked my interest as it's something close to my heart. 

Now Russia is a big place with plenty of land but like any country in the world, the economy affects the price of food that every person requires. So many Russian people grew there own food in there gardens in order to stretch there money a little further. 

For me I genuinely believe more of us should be adopting this attitude as there are so many benefits to us all. I believe it's pretty useless for councils to plant parks with trees and not a single one of these trees grows food, these trees are purely ornamental. Then when times get tough as a people we complain about the price of food. 

Now when someone complains to me personally that they are struggling to feed there family I always ask if they consider growing some of there own food. Ofton I get a reply "well why should I do that someone should just make the food cheaper" and it scares me this attitude. 

Every single one of us has the ability to grow our own food even if it's just a tiny amount it all helps save a small amount of cash/ get more exercise/ eat fresher and tastier food. I could go on with the benefits but I'll be here all day. 

So what do you think on this subject let me know in the comments. I have fixed the comments so everyone should be able to leave a comment now. If not contact me on the contact form above. 

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