23.4.2018 repairing waterbutt and cleaning greenhouse

Join me in this week's video from the veg grower podcast where I clean my greenhouse and repair my waterbutt.
While fighting toothache I needed something to keep me busy and in this video, you can see what work I carried out.
To repair the waterbutt I used builders flash tape.
As always any thoughts and comments let me know below.

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2 thoughts on “23.4.2018 repairing waterbutt and cleaning greenhouse

  • Hello there, I hope your toothache doesn’t harass you too much these days.

    I happend to clean my greenhouse last October, when I had removed the tomatoes and sweet peepers and so on.
    Now my greenhouse is packed with young seedlings. I’m afraid I’ll damage them.

  • Hi, Ivonne. my toothache is slowly getting better. I should have cleaned my greenhouse then but I didn’t get round to it which is why I finally managed to do it now. better late than never. I was worried about my seedlings too thankfully they where ok.

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