Episode 165. Happy birthday to me.

This week's podcast is a self-indulgent episode as it's my birthday today. This week I talk about my favourite gardens that I have visited.

The diary.

This week task that I have tackled include.

  • Dealing with a toothache
  • Repairing water butts using builders flash tape.
  • Washing the greenhouse.

I mention last nights weekly harvest report which can be found at that link.

Please listen to this podcast to find out more.

My top 3 favourite gardens to visit.

Feeling indulgent I thought I would share my three favourite gardens that I have visited. Whenever I visit gardens or house's I am naturally drawn to vegetable gardens. Below I have my 3 favourite gardens that I highly recommend a visit to.

Have you visited these gardens? Perhaps you have a favourite garden that I should visit? If so let me know what you thought of them.

Happy birthday to me.

As it's my birthday today (did I mention that) I managed to use a recording of my favourite band Iron tyger. These guys are awesome and I highly highly recommend them.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions let me know below.

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