Weekly harvest report

Its that time of the week to report how much food I have harvested in the weekly harvest report.

Weekly harvest report

This week we have harvested

  • 12 chicken eggs which would have cost us £3.00 from a shop.
  • 12 quail eggs which would have cost us £2.52 from a shop.
  • 800g of rhubarb which would have cost us £5.50 from a shop.
  • 100g purple sprouting broccoli which would have cost us 85p from a shop.
  • 100g of broccoli which would have cost 25p from a shop.
  • 100g of various salad leaves which would have cost £1 from a shop.


This brings this week's total too £13.12. I again am pretty happy with that.

Regular readers will notice the quail egg production has dropped since moving them to the outdoor aviary last week. I am sure this will soon pick up again.

How much have you harvested this week? let me know below.

4 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report

  • Hi Richard, It’s certainly been a good week, we were away for 4 days which limited our harvest a bit but we still managed 108 litres of veg. Carrots, lettuces, rocket, corn salad, claytonia, lots of types of kale, kalettes, red cabbage, sprouts, 12 litres of purple sprouting broccoli, radish, chard, spinach, perpetual spinach, spring onions and pac choi. We’ve now run out of golden beetroot, but we raided the store for red beetroot, beans, onions and potatoes. We bartered for 12 eggs and locally grown greenhouse tomatoes.

    All the best – Steve

  • Wow Steve you really are doing great with the harvests. Just shows you reap what you sow.

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