21.5.2018 Reducing the damage to plants by chickens.

In this video from the veg grower podcast, I show my method of reducing the damage to my plants from the chickens.

Reducing the damage to plants by chickens.

I constantly hear people say that chickens have ruined their vegetable plants. Some damage will be expected and of course, chickens will always eat certain crops. I have come up with a way to plant my vegetable plants without the chickens ruining them.

By cutting the bottom out of a plastic pot. Then sinking the pot into the ground I found the chickens did less damage. I share with you all how I go about this in this week's video.


Do you have any method of reducing damage by chickens? let me know in the comments or Email me here.

2 thoughts on “21.5.2018 Reducing the damage to plants by chickens.

  • Ivonne Smit (Discutafel)

    Your chickens seem to help you in the garden just like my 2 cats do.
    Always curious and disturbing 😉 Nice video!

  • Yes my chickens are very useful in the garden. They do all the wedding for me.

    Thanx for watching. Must have a chat soon.

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