Episode 169. How I seem to have avoided peach leaf curl.

Join me for this week's podcast where I discuss how I seem to have avoided peach leaf curl so far this year. I also discuss the latest on the plots.

The diary.

This week I have carried out the following tasks

  • Water water water
  • Planting out a few tomatoes
  • Update on how grills the chicken is

PLease listen to find out more.

Peach leaf curl.

Every year I have suffered from this horrible fungal disease on my peach tree. All treatment is now banned which leads us, gardeners, to consider preventing the disease. In fact, last year I had to remove so many leaves from my tree that it did not perform at all well.

This year I moved my peach tree into the greenhouse. After researching history books and seeing old-fashioned ways of avoiding this disease I felt the greenhouse was the best option.

How did this work out? Well, check out this podcast to find out.

Do you have a method of avoiding this disease? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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