Weekly harvest report for week 4 of 2021

As part of an ongoing analysis of what we save by growing our own throughout 2021. We will see on a weekly basis what we have harvested, how much that would cost if we bought from a shop and how much we have spent. So without much fuss lets get into this weeks figures

VegetableVarietyQuantityEconomy costPremium costHarvest date
PotatoesKing Edward500g40p82p23.1.2021
EggsChicken540p£1.50Most days
HerbsMixed1£1£1As needed
Totals this week£2.27£3.87
Total to date£12.68£19.29
This weeks harvest.

A low produce week this week but that's expected at this time of year. Fortunately we tend to store as much of our produce as we can just for this time of year. Nonetheless its still great to get some fresh food from the garden every week.

But what have we spent this week?

What did we buy?How much did that cost?
3 large gravel trays£12
Total this week£12
Total to date£88.07
This weeks spend

The beginning of the year always seems like we spend more then the value of what we harvest. However the hope will be that this will soon catch up and overtake. We will find out when this happens as we continue through the year.

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