Episode 381. Chatting with Robert from safe soil uk.

Join me in this weeks podcast where I am joined by Robert from safe soil uk as we chat about testing our soils. We also have the latest from my plots.

The Diary

This week on the plots I have managed to get an extra couple of days due to furlough. However I also received some bad news which changed my focus a little. The bulk of my time has been spent cutting down old shed and fence panels into smaller pieces to be burnt on our fireplace.

I have also manged to pot up some marjoram seedlings in order to give them a bit more space to grow and become larger plants. I also managed to sow some leeks seeds. I usually sow leek seeds around this time of year so I feel like I am off to a great start to this year.

You can hear my diary logs on the podcast.

Chat with Robert from safe soil uk.

Robert contacted me about coming on the podcast to chat about testing soils. Something I believe that as gardeners we tend not to worry about to much. But after the chat in this podcast I have discovered myself wondering more and more what is in my soil.

Safe soil uk is Roberts business which as you can gather tests soil for contaminants and fertility. More importantly the results are published in a way that we can all understand.

Check it out on the podcast.

If you have tested your soil or are thinking about testing your soil let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below or email me Richard@theveggrowerpodcats.co.uk

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