Weekly harvest report.

It’s that time of the week to report what I have harvested this week.

Weekly harvest report.

This week we have harvested the following

  • 12 chicken eggs which would have cost £5.00 from a shop.
  • 9 quail eggs which would have cost  £1.89 from a shop.
  • 500g leeks which would have cost £3.00 from a shop.
  • 100g Brussel sprouts which would have cost 20p.
  • 100g chard which would have cost £1.00 from a shop

This week's total.

That brings the total amount of money that I would have spent in a shop to £11.09. I am very happy with that, to say the least, its still early season with harvests increasing but nonetheless, that's a pretty good amount of food.

How about you what have you harvested this week. Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report.

  • You did well to harvest anything given the weather Richard. I wasn’t able to harvest any salad, fortunately I had a weeks supply (10 litres) already picked from last week. We also harvested enough for about 12 evening meals.

  • Most of the bad weather had gone by the weekend so I could pop down the allotment to get some harvests. The eggs are at home and have to be harvested on the day anyway. However, that was good thinking ahead for you and having a weeks supply in storer.

  • I wonder if doing the Whole 30 thing during late summer harvest season might be a whole different ballgame? Maybe I”ll do it and blog about it. Something about eating fresh food that has just been harvested, rather than fresh food in March I don”t know. But it makes my mouth water. 🙂 best custom essay

  • Can’t beat the taste of freshly harvested food. I certainly expect the harvest in late summer to be a lot higher than at the moment.

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