Episode 158. Clearing up.

Join me in episode 158 titled clearing up. This week I share my experience of the beast from the east as well as clear up recent comments.

The diary.

Each week I share my experience growing my own food on the plots. This week includes

  • The weather experienced here last week.
  • Old kitchen cabinets being recycled
  • project quail update.

Please listen to this podcast to find out more.

Clearing up.

Recently I have had a few comments that I wanted to go through.

Firstly I have the 5 question and answer's challenge that has been doing the rounds on youtube. I was nominated by Steve. My video answering these questions can be found here. I thought it would be good to ask my listeners the same questions either as a thought experiment or leave your answers in the comments below.

The questions are

  • Why an allotment.
  • Why do you youtube? (If you don't youtube then ask why don't I youtube.)
  • How long have you been gardening for?
  • What do you grow?
  • What is your favourite thing to grow?

Steve also has asked me about how much it costs to produce eggs. In the series of blog posts where I have been sharing my weekly harvest and how much I spend each month, he thought it would be interesting to break down the monthly costs of chicken feed for comparison. This is all made clear in this vegetable growing podcast.

International listeners.

I received a tweet from a dutch listener which was very gratefully received. As I am based in the UK I tell share my experiences from here. Anybody from the world is welcome to participate in the veg grower podcast as explained in this episode. I love to share food growing experiences and tales.

As always any comments or suggestions then please get in touch.



2 thoughts on “Episode 158. Clearing up.

  • Dear Richard,

    Thank you so much for your kind attention to my tweet on Dutch and English horticultural terms!
    I would like to get in touch and exchange experiences on veg growing and …. producing podcasts.

    I just released my first podcast on eco gardening and permaculture on March 1. In Dutch, I’m afraid.
    It’s a co-production. My friend Marlies lives in another part of the country and brings in ideas on subjects.

    Still learning a lot on veg growing and the technical side of podcast producing. You are far ahead of me!

    https://discutafel.nl/podcast-1-tuinidee-2018/. The voice is mine.

    Have a nice weekend, enjoy your veg and I hope to hear from you some time.

    Kind regards from The Neherlands, Ivonne Smit

  • Hi Ivonne
    That is awesome that you have released a podcast in this field. I have checked out your podcast and will give it a mention.
    I am always happy to share experiences and I am sure we can help each other out. If you would like to email me richard@theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk and we will set something up. I have always been interested in getting someone to talk about permaculture as I like what I know about this particular system.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    The veg grower podcast

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