Update to project eat what I grow.

Well harvests are starting to really come in now so I'm sure it's time to give an update to this project.
So how's is the aim of this project working out well honestly it's challenging!!! I'm finding that although harvest are coming in they are coming in drips and drabs. Peas for example I'm getting a few each visit but not enough for a meal however with peas they are able to freeze and therefore I can store all that I get.
Fruit is slowly trickling in too such as cherries and raspberries some of which are eaten fresh some of which are preserved. Rhubarb while technically not a fruit but I'm certainly harvesting plenty of stalks.
Garlic and onions have just started being lifted and once dried out can be used and I think I will have enough to last a year so this is a result.
Salad leaves I have found that I need to sow a lot and very regularly in order to keep a supply going.
Herbs are also ready and in decent quantities and I shall soon be preserving herbs for use in the winter too.
However I have not brought any eggs in a long time which is where we are definitely succeeding in, with only two chickens providing us enough eggs for baking and meals etc,
So this is the update on this project the aim hasn't quiet been achieved but I do believe this is an ongoing project that I will eventually achieve.
So have you managed to live out of your garden let me know below.

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  • We want to become self-sufficent too, I think you are ahead of us though! We are hoping to plant more fruit trees later this year or early next. I want to have a huge strawberry bed so we can freeze strawberrys for later in the year. We are building a chicken coop out of scrap wood and hoping to get chickens soon. Our first sucess was to grow enough onions, garlic and sweetcorn to feed our family of six for a year, but we are working on everything else! Good luck

  • Hey Hannah thank you for your comment. That is awesome you’re trying to be self sufficient I really hope it works. I find buying bare rooted fruit trees in winter and planting them as soon as they arrive gives best results, they establish while the ground is still wet. I love making things out of scrap wood so I’ll be really interested in seeing how it works out. Please keep us updated with your progress.

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