Scrambled egg with tomato and spinach recipe.

Usually with the recipes i share i try to make sure they are seasonal, this week however the ingredients in this may not be. As we are entering the hungry gap eating seasonally becomes more and more difficult.
This recipe makes a fantastic breakfast with the added flavour from the tomatoes and spinach just making it that little bit more special.
I found this originally here at and thought it sounded great.


6 cherry tomatoes cut into several pieces.
A handful of spinach
4 eggs
optional seasoning salt, pepper, cheese.

1. I added a little oil to a pan over a moderate heat and added the tomatoes and spinach.
2. Once the spinach just began to wilt i added the eggs and stirred constantly until cooked right through.
3. Seasoned to my liking and served.

Overall a very quick easy meal that tasted great. In this example I didn't add any cheese but next time I would add this too.

So give it a try and let me know what you think.

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