Episode 396 How I grow sweetcorn and pumpkins.

Join me in this weeks vegetable gardening podcast where I share how I grow sweetcorn and pumpkin. I also share the latest from the plots.

The diary

This week we have had plenty of rain (finally) which has not only filled up my water butts nicely, it has led me to pump water into my spare water butts too. To do this I use a very simple water pump which I have used for many years now and has been a great asset for this task.

I have of course been sowing more seeds, sweetcorn, pumpkin, runner beans, lettuce and spring onions and we have been pricking out many seedlings. In some ways I am looking forward to not having to sow so many seeds, this year I seem to have spent a lot of time sowing and pricking out which now we are getting into the main growing season will be less of a choir.

On the allotment we have been weeding a lot. weeds at this time of year grow like mad (especially couch grass). Keeping on top of it is a must. I have also managed to plant out my leeks and some onions. Hopefully these will grow and establish well.

You can hear more on the podcast.

How I grow sweetcorn and pumpkins.

May is when I like to sow both of these crops. I find its the right time as these can grow very fast and I want to get them panted in the shortest amount of time possible.

Both of these plants like to grow in warm sheltered sunny positions with plenty of moisture and food.

In this episode I share how I grow these plants and what I have found to be successful for me.

If you have any tipe on growing these plants then please do get in touch and share.

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