Scott’s Sweetcorn, feta and black bean salad.

Hi, its Scott here with this week’s recipe and this week we have the premier seeds direct seed of the month recipe and this month’s seed is a sweetcorn called rising sun.

And as Richard said last week the key to cooking sweetcorn and other vegetables is to cook them straight after picking and that’s because in as little as 4hrs most vegetables will lose upto 50% of their sugar content especially with sweetcorn so it’s a case of having the water on boiling before you have picked it.

And because we are out of season for sweetcorn, I’m using frozen for this recipe and later in the year I will share a corn on the cob recipe.

But to this week’s recipe and it is a sweetcorn, feta & black bean salad a perfect salad to go with a summer BBQ or just as it is for lunch I have used black beans but if you have grown and dried your own beans you can use them or any bean you like.

So lets not delay and head to the kitchen and hear how it’s made.

You can find this recipe and other on the and on my Instagram page seedtotableplot13

For this recipe you will need.

500g sweetcorn kernels

140g cherry tomatoes halved.

140g diced mixed bell peppers.

60g diced red onion.

20g chopped coriander.

1 jalapeno chilli diced.

200g diced feta cheese.

240 drained black beans.

1tsp cumin

1tsp paprika

½ tsp Cajun spice

The zest and juice of two limes

Drizzle of olive oil


Couldn’t be easier combine all the prepared ingredients together season with salt and pepper and enjoy and that’s it from me this week.

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