#553 No Mow May, Easy Irrigation And Winter Veg

Join Richard in this weeks podcast where Richard shares why he is not doing No Mow May. A couple of methods of easy irrigation and its time to sow some winter veg.

Allotment update: NO No Mow May.

Down on the allotment Richard has had to make a repair to his lawnmower. A belt change was all that was needed after his lawnmower seemed to not work very well.

This has lead Richard to share his thoughts on why he is not doing No Mow May this year. No Mow May is a month where gardeners don't mow their grass areas in order to encourage wild flowers to grow and help our wildlife.

In The Vegetable Garden: Easy Irrigation

Irrigation is a time consuming part of growing your own food, but its a necessary task that helps our plants thrive.

Because of this Richard has started to experiment with 2 methods that might help with irrigation

Method one is an autopot system. The system is the 2 pot system which uses gravity to keep pots well irrigated and should lead to plenty of good growth and good veg.

If you are interested in this autopot system then Richard has got a discount code for you use the code AUTO10RVG when buying from Autopot.co.uk

Method two is an ancient method using a terracotta pot called an olla. This olla is submerged in the ground and slowly trickles water to the soil. It should be interesting to see how well this system works.

In The Shed: Sowing Winter Veg.

Winter might seem a long time away, but if we want to eat in winter there's some veg we need to sow now. These seeds include, winter squash, many brassicas and of course Parsnips

This week Richard has been sowing lots of these seeds in order to keep growing and eating in the winter months.

Chef Scott's Recipe Of The Week: Sweetcorn, Feta And Bean Salad.

This week Chef Scott shares with us this delicious Sweetcorn, feta and black bean salad. Which not only sounds delicious but also is on the back of this months seed of the month.

The seed of the month is in collaboration with Premier seeds direct. A fantastic supplier for plants seeds but also have given us a discount code VEGPOD10

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  • How can one effectively implement easy irrigation techniques in a home garden setting?

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