Pancake recipe.

Seeing as yesterday was pancake day it seems only fitting that I share a simple pancake recipe with some of my favourite fillings to go with it.

Firstly what is pancake day or shrove Tuesday. well its the last day before lent beginnings traditionally. It is traditionally a day of feasting before the fasting of lent. Pancakes became a way of using up fats and eggs before this fasting for 40 days of lent. I've added this link if you wold like to find out more about this tradition.

To make the pancakes.

100g flour (I prefer plain flour for a flat pancake but self raising can be used for a fluffier pancake)
2 large eggs (From my chickens)
300ml milk.

1. I like to mix all the ingredients together in a bowl in advance (night before for breakfast pancakes of at least an hour before for other times). All ingredients go in a bowl and are well mixed to a batter, then placed in a fridge until ready to use.
2. I put a frying pan over a medium heat hob and warm the pan up. I add a bit of oil to the pan and move the oil around the pan to fully coat.
3. I add a ladle full of batter to the pan and again move the pan around to try and coat the pan.
4. I leave on the heat to cook and then when the top starts to get bubbles appear its time to flip the pancake.
5. flipping can be done with a spatula but I like to flip it straight in the pan.
6. I let the other side cook before removing the pancake to a plate and repeating until all the batter is used up.
7. I can put the plate in the oven on the lowest heat to keep the pancakes warm.
8. Serve.

With the simple pancake recipe above Ill go through some of my favourite toppings.
Bacon and maple syrup is a very tasty combination. I wasn't sure at first but once I tried it I loved it.
Sugar and lemon. A simple topping of squeezing a lemon over the pancakes and dusting with sugar.
Ice cream just a few scoops added on top of the pancakes.
Chocolate spread spread over the pancake.
Banana or a mixture of other fruits either mashed or chopped and spread over the top.

So what was your choice of pancake topping let me know in the comments below.

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